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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Bring Clickbank to Your Customers

CB Delivered is a brand new Clickbank product which allows webmasters to put the entire Clickbank catalog up on their own website. No longer will a customer have to go to and view other potential Clickbank products. They can shop directly from the initial website. This is advantageous for a few reasons. First, customers staying on one website are more likely to buy something than customers that get routed to another site via hoplinks or AdSense. Compare this to going into a store advertising knitting needles. When you walk into the store, you are greeted with signs that say "Go to Bob's Knitting Emporium two doors down to get your knitting needles." You're taking a chance that the customer will actually go and get those knitting needles from Bob's store. CB Delivered allows customer to do their shopping at your site. The entire Clickbank catalog is provided in a simple JavaScript interface. Customer's can access every category and every product currently for sale under Clickbank.

Now you're probably saying, "how does this help affiliates?" Easy. Each hoplink for a product is branded with the ID of the purcahser. This means that if a customer goes from the CB Delivered site to a merchant site, they are taking the affiliate ID with them. The affiliate should get credit for the sell. Going back to the knitting needles example, the customer is less likely to forget to tell Bob that "Steve sent you" if he has a big neon card from Steve's store. Once Bob sees the neon card, he know who sent the customer. Same for affiliate IDs. They are less likely to be loss or removed when a customer goes to a merchant site.

I can see another benefit of CB Delivered too. Customers could bookmark the CB Delivered site and use that for many of their online shopping needs. Instead of getting one customer and one sale, it could lead to one customer making return sales or referring others to that site to find products they are interested in.

Final Analysis: The CB Delivered product is a step up from some of the other CB Marketplace products which you download for free, but then have to pay to re-brand with affiliate IDs. CB Delivered is fast, clean, and ready to go after you get the code. Once the code is inserted on the website, it's ready for use. For targeted websites, it might not be a big deal since it could drive traffic to other areas without a sale. For affiliate mass marketers, it provides a means of giving customers access to an entire catalog of products that could lead to buys and possibly return customers.

Rating: 4 of 5

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