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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Why you should say No Thank You Rich Jerk!

When I first received Holly Mann’s No Thank You Rich Jerk! (also called Honest Riches or Breakthrough Money Making Secrets Revealed), I was a little skeptical at what I was getting. Considering it costs 60% LESS than “The Rich Jerk” eBook, I was wondering if the amount of information it contained would be proportional to the price. I did find this to be true, but not in the way I imagined.

No Thank You Rich Jerk starts off with a short introduction to how Holly started her online venture. This introduction is a testament to showing that willpower and positive state of mind can overcome difficult circumstances. Right off the bat, I was intrigued to how she got from where she was to where she is today. Also, at the bottom of the page was a link to a Live Journal site. Checking out the link, I found that Holly actually participates in the discussions. She provides regular feedback as well as tips on where to get more information or resources for online businesses. I’m already impressed and I haven’t even gotten to the first chapter.

Here is a quick breakdown of the chapters in her book

Chapter 1 – Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 2 – Product Reviews
Chapter 3 – Website Design
Chapter 4 – Improving Website Content
Chapter 5 – Pay Per Click (PPC)
Chapter 6 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 7 – Improving Website Ranking
Chapter 8 – Website Stats and Tracking
Chapter 9 – Using Lists and Automation
Chapter 10 – Advertising Your Website
Chapter 11 – Press Releases
Chapter 12 – Dropshipping and Wholesalers
Chapter 13 – EBay Advertising

Compared to the Rich Jerk eBook, this book pays more attention to affiliate marketing, website design/content/stat tracking, and advertising. While it doesn’t offer the variety of different methods to make money online, it does delve deeper into Affiliate Marketing and creating a web site of your own. There are good and bad points to this. The good is that you get a tremendous amount of in-depth information as well as helpful links and tips. The bad is that if you are looking for varied forms of income to make money online, this book focuses on fewer avenues while providing basic information and some helpful tips for other forms of online income.

That being said, this is an excellent book for people looking to get started in making money online. My advice after purchasing this book would be to proceed slowly chapter by chapter. Make sure you absorb what is being laid out. This book is not for people looking to read something in 5 minutes, implement it in 10, and then begin making money. This book is for people would want to build the foundation of an online business brick by brick.

As I said in The Rich Jerk review, this book WILL NOT make money for you with no effort. It will take some time to read through each chapter and then utilize the concepts that Holly discusses. I would list that as a very small drawback of this book. There is so much depth of information, that it might take a few readings of each chapter to fully absorb what is being discussed. That is not to say the concepts are difficult, but that the manner in which it is written allows (and even encourages this). Holly gently takes your hand and guides you down the path to building an online presence. Along the way, she stops to point out different helpful resources as well as to offer encouragement for those just starting out. At the end of the journey, you’ll feel confident that you too can make money online.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the numerous free items that Holly provides for download in addition to the eBook. I counted no less that 5 different tools and informational packets that she provided IN ADDITION to the information and links contained in the No Thank You Rich Jerk eBook. As I stated in the opening, the amount of information is proportional to the cost, except in this case your $20 investment is rewarded with copious amount of useful information. This isn’t a 54 page sales letter for more products. It is a reference tool, a “bible” of sorts for anyone wanting to start making money online. It’s not a book you will read once and move to the dark recesses of your hard drive. It’s one that will be used again and again as your business begins to mature.

Final Analysis: This is probably the best eBook for anyone starting out trying to make money online. Before you invest in compartmentalized books about AdSense or AdWords, or Pay-per-click advertising, I suggest going through Holly’s book with a fine toothed comb and gleaning as much information out as possible. Put her information into practice and watch your business grow. In terms of bang for the buck, this is an exceptional deal. For $20, I’m not sure there is a better investment one could make. As much as I liked The Rich Jerk eBook, Holly’s is step above and costs less.

Rating 5 out of 5

Go here to purchase No Thank You Rich Jerk.

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