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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Clickbank Review #1 - The Rich Jerk

Let’s get something out of the way to start. The Rich Jerk isn’t really a jerk. He’s more of a benevolent philanthropist with a sometimes abrasive side.

Now to his product The Rich Jerk ebook. Everyone is skeptical about picking up an product that says it will help them make money online. I was too, until I started reading. That’s when I realized that the Rich Jerk knows what he is talking about. His ebook is broken down into 9 chapters. Each chapter focuses on different aspect of creating an online business. Here is a quick breakdown of the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 – Affiliate Websites (Creating and Building)
Chapter 2 – Search Engine Pay-Per Click (PPC) Strategies
Chapter 3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Chapter 4 – Creating and Selling Your Own Product
Chapter 5 – Wholesale Buying and Selling on Ebay
Chapter 6 – Instantly Profitable Websites
Chapter 7 – Other Online Ventures
Chapter 8 – Information for Beginners
Chapter 9 – Recommended Products and Services

As you can see, there are no fewer than 5 chapters devoted to DIFFERENT ways of making money online. They range from dipping your toes into the water (PPC Strategies) to getting a running start and doing a cannonball off the high dive (Creating and Selling Your Own Product). These aren’t one or two paragraph long chapters either. These are pages of information each with links to other resources that can help earn more money online. It’s hard to feel shortchanged with this amount of information being given out.

I know I’ll probably repeat this as I review other Clickbank products, particularly Internet Based Businesses, but the Rich Jerk ebook WILL NOT do the work for you. The Rich Jerk has done a great deal of work in laying out various methods for making money online. It’s up to the reader to determine which strategy they wish to pursue along with how much money to invest. There are a lot of books and ebooks available that say you can make money instantly. This is one of the very few who not only says that, but shows you at least 5 different ways to make money online, AND provides links to resources to help you make the money. What else could you ask for?!?! The Rich Jerk shows how to get your foot in the door of Online Businesses. It’s up to the reader to kick the door in and start raking in the funds.

The main drawback I find is that while there is good information available, it is geared mainly towards people who already have experience marketing on the Internet.

Final Analysis: Great ebook. Contains a wealth of information. An excellent start for anyone looking to start or improve an Internet Business. Completely legit. There is no Rich Jerk scam.

Rating 5/5

Follow this link , to purchase The Rich Jerk.

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