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Friday, September 08, 2006


Improve Your Golf Swing

Simplifying the Golf Swing

Taking a break from Work at Home product reviews for the time being, here is a quick review of The Simple Golf Swing eBook.

Golf is something I’ve never really been able to get into much. The equipment isn’t cheap. The fees aren’t cheap and on top of that, you might spend three hours or more going crazy because the ball isn’t going where you want it. While I can’t do much about the first two aspects, the third is addressed in the Simple Golf Swing eBook. The mechanics of the golf swing are broken down into component parts: Setup, Grip, Alignment, Timing, Back Swing, and Down Swing. What I found nice about the book was that each area is discussed in length with photos and illustrations to give visual representation to the text. Also, each aspect of the swing has multiple pages and pictures dedicated to it. There is a lot of helpful information crammed into each section, more than can be adequately explained in a review.

I think the particularly impressive part about this book is that even a golf neophyte such as me was able to understand and utilize the information. The book provides clear, concise information on how to create and maintain an easy, repeatable golf swing. Even someone who has been playing golf for years will be able to glean some helpful information. This book has a lot of information and should find its way on to the hard drive of anyone looking to reduce their score and increase their enjoyment for the game of golf.

I found this book to be very helpful and a good tool for anyone who struggles to maintain a consistent golf swing. I know as I get older, I'll gravitate towards playing more golf and The Simple Golf Swing will help me get the scores and enjoyment I desire.

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