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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Affiliate Project X Review

Affiliate Project X Review

Affiliate Project X was one of the hottest products on the internet a few months ago. There were lots of pre-launch promises associated with the project. It was marketed as the “missing link” for Internet Marketers to be profitable. As it turns out, Affiliate Project X is missing some links that make it worth a purchase.

I don’t want to go into great detail, but I can say with full confidence that there are cheaper products available, including the Rich Jerk and Holly Mann’s Honest Riches, that are better values than Affiliate Project X. I know I’ve referred back to both the Rich Jerk eBook and the Honest Riches eBook numerous times since I picked them up. This hasn’t been the case with Affiliate Project X. While there are some worthwhile tactics in Affiliate Project X, I can’t say in all honesty that it’s worth the $97 price tag. If Affiliate Project X were priced lower, I’d give it a better recommendation, but for near $100 it needs to be a pretty strong product with a long shelf life to get high praise from me.

Who can benefit from Affiliate Project X? I think anyone who has been involved with Affiliate Marketing for a few months could find some nuggets of helpful information in Affiliate Project X. I definitely do not think that it is a good resource for beginners. It doesn’t really offer introductory step-by-step methods like the Rich Jerk or Honest Riches that someone just starting out can follow. If you’ve been doing Affiliate Marketing for a few months and think that Affiliate Project X will be the product that puts you over the top, then you are mistaken. The content is not bad and it certainly isn’t a scam, but the bang for the buck ratio is a lot lower than the Rich Jerk or Honest Riches. As a supplementary resource to those books, Affiliate Project X isn’t a bad choice, but you shouldn’t have to pay $97 for something to supplement what you already know. For that amount of money, it should be a world beater product that is used for continual reference. Affiliate Project X failed to live up to its hype in my opinion. It probably made the writer a good deal of money, but I’m not sure the same can be said for the people that bought it.

In summary, Affiliate Project X is decent a product, but not worthy of the lofty price tag or pre-launch hype. It might be beneficial for someone that has affiliate marketing experience, but it's not recommended for people just starting out.

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